The Uttlesford Ramblers

Making a walk a pleasure

Guidance and Etiquette for Walkers

On the Ramblers website they have produced a useful guidance on a few things when it comes to safety, clothing and equipment

Fitness -

  • An ability to walk at a steady rate of 2-3 mph on a level terrain and having a reasonable level of fitness is required for the walks

Walks -

  • We normally offer a full-day walk on Saturdays and a half-day walk midweek. The walks are either circular or linear but on a Saturday may be a figure of 8. When arriving to a walk by car, please ensure that you park considerately and that arrive in plenty of time

Lunchtime and other stops -

  • Please come prepared for a short break mid-morning and for another mid-afternoon, if on the full day programme. The group will almost certainly stop at a pub for lunch, but it will be optional if doing a half-day walk. Your leader for the day will indicate the length of break and will give a 5 or 10 minute warning prior to the restart

Pubs -

  • If the starting point for the walk is at a pub, please do not park your car there unless you are going to order some food and drink after the walk. Please do not eat your own food on the pub premises nor your own drinks. Avoid bringing mud into the pub as it is customary to take your boots off outside or cover them with something protective - this also applies to Churches as well. We want to look after our local village pubs and support them!

Clothes -

  • It is highly recommended that you wear walking boots and wet gear for wet walks. In the summer we advise you take some sun protection for your head, ears and neck, plus extra drinking water.

Staying behind the leader -

  • Please do not walk in front of the leader unless the leader has indicated it is okay to do so. If you like to walk at the front of the group with the leader, please don't walk on if they are waiting for people to catch-up as this can spoil others' enjoyment as well as creating an unnecessary problem for the leader. Care should be taken when walking along a road without a pavement and you are advised to walk single file and follow the instructions of the leader. Walking in single file will also apply when walking through fields in crop

Keeping in view and changing direction -

  • Walkers should try not to lag too far behind the leader or they may lose touch with or delay the group. The leader will keep a head count of walkers and check periodically that no-one has been left behind. If you DO get detached from the group, the best policy is to stay put, because the leader should eventually notice you are missing and then return for you. Always make sure that anyone behind you has seen which way to go, especially if there is a change in direction

Back markers -

  • If the group is a large one, then the leader may appoint a back marker and will inform the group who it is. If at anytime you need to temporarily leave the group or stop, then please let the back marker know. The last person to go through any gate that has been opened by a member of the group, is responsible for closing it

Non-members and for those trying the Club out -

  • Non-members are more than welcome to join us for a couple of walks, but, after that you are expected to join the Ramblers. You can sign up to become a member here on their website

Dogs -

  • Please get in contact with your walk leader in advance should you wish to bring your dog with you. It is up to the walk leader whether or not dogs will be allowed and whether or not the walk is suitable for them

Footpath problems -

  • Please make a note of any problems that you come across and then report them to the Footpath secretary, whose details are listed in your programme. You can also report a footpath or access problem on the Ramblers website 

Responsibility -

  • All walks are 'at your own risk' and neither the Ramblers Association nor the leader can accept responsibility for any accidents or injury to, or damage caused by, any walker during an organised activity. All accidents should be reported to the walk leader as soon as possible


Monday, December 10, 2018