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Turpin's Trail Update

Update from Alan Goffee

As you will be aware members of the Group Work Party have been working on the Dick Turpin Trail over the last year.

They have cleared all the overgrown areas, exposed all the sign posts and installed newly designed waymarking disc's (pictured left) around the complete route. Essex County Council have also been working with us, installing new bridges and way marking posts, and reinstating a path to allow a new route with less road walking. As an aside one of the new bridges installed by ECC was smashed in a car accident two weeks after being put up. Two years to discuss, plead for, write many emails, make telephone calls and then drive all the way out to check when they said it was done, only to find it nows lays in the ditch covered with assorted bits of a car front. Are well, back to more discussions.

There is still the need to install a small number of waymarking post, which due to the hard ground have been delayed till the autumn.

The next step is to update the route guide, adding photographs of points of interest, together with the real history of Dick Turpin. Oliver Dyball and Sylvia Hayes have volunteered for this. This will be undertaken when the three walks, which are part of this trail, are walked as part of our next Walk Programme.

When the Guide is complete it will be added to our website, for everyone to download as they require.

Thanks should be given to everyone involved with the Group Work Party for their hard work, and to Sylvia and Oliver for the guide, in making this Group Project such a success.

Monday, December 10, 2018