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Uttlesford Footpath working party

The Uttlesford Footpath Working Party

With the reduction of local government funding, and the number of footpaths that were becoming over grown and difficult to walk, Uttlesford decided to set up a small group to undertake clearance work. We have so reopened two completely un-passable paths and cleared others which were heavily restricted.

The group meets monthly, usually on the first Monday and spends the morning undertaking the work before going to a pub to plan the next work. We set out to achieve a real purpose, but we also enjoy being in the open air and working together. At the end of each work party looking back on what has been done, is an uplifting feeling.

Why not join us and get your local footpath cleared.

For more information contract Alan Goffee on 01371 876792.

Saturday, February 24, 2018