The Uttlesford Ramblers

Making a walk a pleasure

Great Dunmow footpath clearance Feb 2016

A working party of ten volunteers spent part of the extra day of the year clearing Dunmow Footpath 4, near Lashley Hall. It was a beautiful winter’s day with a bright blue sky after the early morning frost. On arrival the footpath didn’t look as bad as we had remembered when walking it a few weeks ago. The footbridge had been particularly overgrown but was now easily passable, thanks to whoever got there before us. This didn’t stop Richard & Murray with their chainsaws, soon cutting down overhanging branches and Jamie with his strimmer clearing vegetation at ground level. The rest of the group got to work with loppers and secateurs and the job was soon completed. The morning finished with a leisurely lunch at the White Hart in Stebbing.

Thursday, August 16, 2018